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  • How are ceramic pieces made?
    I'm glad you asked! Heres a super simplified version of the ceramic process: -Pieces are made (thrown) on the wheel or hand built by me. -Pieces must dry for up to one week. -Pieces are then trimmed and perfected. -Pieces enter the kiln and are bisque fired below 2,000 degrees. -Pieces are then glazed. All our kitchenware is glazed with nontoxic, food safe glazes. -Pieces re-enter the kiln and are fired to upwards of 2,000+ degrees. -Pieces are finally ready to be photographed, packaged, and come home with you!
  • Do you take custom orders/commissions?
    I sure do. If you are interested in commissioning something you can direct message me on instagram and Etsy or shoot me an email through the contact section of this website. Commisions are a piece by piece basis. I accept most commissions, but of course reserve the right to deny. My commissions are open most the time, but you can check the status by contacting me. Commissions take anywhere from two to six weeks to complete. I can usually provide a time estimate once I know exactly what you want.
  • How can I buy your art?
    I'm so appreciative of the fact you want to support me! Thank you. If pieces are currently available for purchase you can find them under the purchase art section which will direct you to listings on my Etsy. I release my art in small batch launches. These launches take place on my Instagram story at specified times. Its a first come first serve basis, so i always encourage setting an alarm. My next launch: 12.01.20
  • Do you fill gallery or wholesale orders?
    Im defintely open to the idea. In fact I have a contract drafted and would love the oppertunity. If you are a bussiness or gallery interested in displaying my pieces for sale, please get in touch! I would be interested in both wholesale and commission agreements.
  • What is Bug Ceramics currently doing for the community?
    Bug Ceramics is currently holding a monthly raffle for handmade ceramic pieces. Every month a new piece is raffled at $5 per ticket and all proceeds go towards a local organization. So far we have raised over $300 for Project Annie In. In our very first raffle. Cheap tickets make fine art pieces accessible.
  • What is Bug Ceramics doing to reduce their environmental impact?
    Did you know that ceramic is one of the most natural and sustainable materials? "The wonderful thing about ceramics is that, no matter how long they last, they will not hurt the environment, if made with food-grade, lead-free glazes. Buying ceramics is a way to support local artisans, much as you might support local farmers to buy the food that’s served on those plates." (Katherine Martinko) ​BugCeramics makes a conscious effort to reduce environmental impact. Some ways we do this include limiting the number of kiln loads fired, reclaiming all clay scraps, packaging products in reused packaging, and a three bucket wash system to conserve water.
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