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This piece was hand built from a brown ceramic stoneware. Hand built pieces differ from wheel thrown pieces in that they are made entirely void of the wheel. This mug used the slab building technique. Slabs of clay were rolled out using a rolling pin and trimmed to size. This mug overlaps itself. The four bottom edges are pressed in with seashells leaving a beautiful imprinted pattern that catches the glaze in its crevices. The four bottom corners and the top and bottom of the mig handle are pressed with a snail shell. The glazed used is a matte matcha color glaze on the outside and an iron lustre inside. I use glaze in a way to add even more texture to the piece. The slab was stamped with an image of the Arc De Triomphe.

Arc De Triomphe Mug

Out of Stock
  • This pieces is made and ready to ship next day in 100% reused/recycled packaging.

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