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The second chain vase in my collection, this piece took a lot of time, clay, and love. My pieces live in my home on display until they find their forever place and with them I send a small piece of my soul. This piece was thrown in parts on the wheel and the chain + handles were hand rolled and attached from a brown ceramic stoneware and fired to over 2000 degrees F. It is raw clay left unglazed. The chain is unglazed therefore it can be moved to either side of the vase and functions like real chain link. I think it looks best with a bouquet of baby’s breath, but I may be biased as they are my favorite flowers. I’ve dried some to send with this piece once purchased. This piece weighs over three pounds and is 8 1/2” tall 9” at the top of the handles.

Brown Stoneware Chain Vase

  • This item is ready to ship next day in 100% recycled/reused packaging.

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