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Handmade ceramic secret love note fortune cookies with a customizable fortune. A unique handmade gift to add something special to your special day. Customize everything from the stamped initial, to the color of the clay and glaze, to the personalized fortune inside.


Q: How does a secret love not fortune cookie work?

A: Secret love note fortune cookies serve as a vessel to contain and eventually exchange secret love notes between the eloping couple. Each individual will write a private note to each other and attach them to your order separately. The notes will be printed and inserted inside of the finished fortune cookie. In order to retrieve the rolled up love notes the ceramic fortune cookie must be broken with a hammer. Some couples may choose to ceremoniously break their fortune cookie on their wedding night, honeymoon, or ten years down the line on an anniversary. Its up to you as the couple to decide when the notes to each other may serve you best. Messages can be attached in the personalization section of this listing or through Etsy or Instagram messages.


*Your fortune WILL be encased inside the cookie. If you’d like for it to stick out instead please specify in your order.*


Q: How do I break my fortune cookie open when the time comes?

A: Your custom cookie will be sent inside of a small cloth bag. You will want to insert your cookie into this bag prior to breaking in order to preserve the pieces of the cookie and the notes. Please your cookie inside the bag and place on a hard surface such as concrete. Using a hammer, tap the cookie with gentle but sturdy force in order to crack it open. The harder you hit the cookie the more pieces it will break into. Carefully retrieve the notes as some pieces of the cookie may be sharp. 


Q: What do I do with the cookie once its broken?

A: There are so many wonderful options for repurposing your love note vessel once it has been cracked open. You may choose to keep it and the notes in your cloth bag so that they can be easily stored and returned to in the future, or perhaps you'd like to display your cookie on a shelf or in a shadow box with the notes. It's completely up to you and what your fortune cookie represents to you as a couple.


PLEASE NOTE: Each fortune cookie is made by hand and will vary from one another in both personality and glaze color. These pieces are made to order and production time ranges from 2-8 weeks. 

Custom Secret Love Note Fortune Cookies (BREAK TO OPEN) Preorder

SKU: 364215376135191
  • These pieces are made to order and production time ranges from 2-8 weeks. 

  • Our packaging is 100% reused/recycled. Thank you for understanding our desire to reduce waist.

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