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These mugs are handmade and entirely customizable. They are made to order so please allow 2-8 weeks for shipment. They are food safe. 

If you wish to further customize your piece don’t hesitate to leave the details in the order or to message me before or after you place your order. 

For this piece you are given the option to customize a text message placed on the front, bottom, or handle, the style of the mug, and the glaze color. Reference photos included to reference glaze options. The last photo features the stamps I use to press the text into your piece, please enter your text exactly as you’d like it to appear on the piece, including upper case/lower case/punctuation. If I have any questions regarding your text I’ll message you no problem :) 

NOTE: These pieces are entirely handmade by loving human hands, not a mold or a machine. Our goal is to create beautiful functional pieces not uniformity. Every single mug is one of a kind and no two are exactly alike.

How are these mugs made?
*Each mug is thrown on the wheel from a speckled or dark brown stoneware. I will use my hands to create the indentions in the wall in order to create a heart shape. They are then removed from the wheel and set to dry for about a day. The next day I will return to trim and smooth the piece and to attach a handle. In order to do this it is placed back on the wheel attached with some water and a little extra clay to keep it in place and tools are used to trim and even out the piece as well as ensure it is smooth. Once the surface is smooth I will stamp your message into the piece as well as my logo on the bottom of the piece. The spoon rest must then dry for up to a week before it’s ready to be placed in the kiln and fired to over 1900 degrees F. The drying time is to ensure the piece is free of moisture. If moisture is in the piece it can become trapped in air bubbles within the clay, expand with the heat, and therefore cause the piece to explode and shatter in the kiln. After the first firing the piece and each individual letter is glazed. The bottom is left unglazed to provide friction. Finally the piece is fired one last time and is ready to be shipped off to your home!

Custom Wheel Thrown Heart Mug Preorder

SKU: 366615376135191
  • These mugs are made to order so please allow 2-8 weeks for shipment. 

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