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This piece was thrown on the wheel in parts from a speckled ceramic stoneware in order to acheive its super tall and slender form. Many different techniques such as incising, low relif, brush glazing and more were used in order to achieve the image inscribed on the front of the barracuda. The lid has an interlocking system to allow it to sit securely in place.


I can not help but recall the warnings, like wivestails, that floated around in my head as a child who spent everyday in the ocean on the island here. Looking back the warnings as they relate to barracudas are now filed away in a place similar to that of where "Do not swim until thirty minutes after eating." lives. Many times we were told that wearing shiny jewelry in the water might attract their sharp teeth and unpredictable ways. I feared those teeth, but now I cant help but to admire them. I often wonder how I can be more like a barracuda but fear my teeth are just not sharp enough.

This piece is approximately 22” tall and 4” across.

'I Cant Help But Love Shiny Things' Barracuda Vase

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