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Patchwork Pt. 1 is the first of two sets of dishes created as part of a quilting inspired series.

“Patchwork” delves into the artists admiration for traditional craftwork. It touches on folk art and it’s range of mediums. Most importantly this set of dishes is a reflection by the artists on textile work and other traditional crafts from the perspective of gender and how crafts traditionally performed by women hold lesser value. The juxtaposition of a male dominated medium meeting that of something so traditionally female such as the quilt made by daughters, mothers, and grandmothers for generation upon generation and tying the ideas together with a set of dishes. Dishes are something the family comes together at but also hold their own gendered weight. Those who fill the dishes financially and those who fill them literally with stew or bread. The winners of bread and the winners of soft hand stitched fabric. Patchwork’s fine art presentation can be interpreted by the audience in itself.

The artist aims to invoke a sense of nostalgia upon viewing the familiar traditional quilt pattern in a unique and unexpected way. Patchwork is just one of Gayle’s work which often reflects on gender, politics, and race reflecting their background on social work.

Patchwork Pt. 1

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  • This item ships next day in 100% reused and recycled packaging.

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