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These miniature chimeneas are thrown on the wheel from a ceramic stoneware by myself and hand glazed before being fired twice to over 2000 F. Perfect for burning incense, sage, palo Santo, juniper, etc. Available in three different styles, each piece is one of a kind and uniquely its own.



NOTE: Certain spiritual herbs and woods such as white sage and palo Santo can be extremely difficult to ethically source. If you plan to burn these sacred incense please do your research and ensure the product you purchase is ethical and sustainable to both the earth and the indigenous cultures who use them in practice. Thank you.

Wheel Thrown Mini Chimenea Incense Burner

Out of Stock
  • This piece is made and ships same day in 100% reused and recycled packaging.

  • Our packaging is 100% reused/recycled. Thank you for understanding our desire to reduce waist.

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