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These pieces are made to order. Please allow 2-8 weeks production time. Handmade one hitter smoking pipes made from ceramic stoneware mid fire clay fired at temperatures of around 2200F and up glazed. These pieces are made by me in my home studio and provide a sleek, aesthetic, functional, and discreet smoking tool. These differ from our other One Hitters because they have a built in filter.


Minimum order of 10 at a 50% pricing margin.


Please specify which styles and how many of each you would like to recieve or specify 'random' if style does not matter. Thank you!

Ex: Style 5  x3

      Style 1    x3 (but in black)

      Style 6   x5

      Total: 11 one hitters

Wholesale One Hitters Custom Preorder

  • Please allow 2-8 weeks production time.

  • These pieces have a 2-8 week production time. You will recieve a shipping confirmation when your pieces are finished and on the way.

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