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Purchase Art

Art listed below is available for purchase right now. You can find the listings on Etsy or DM on Instagram to make them yours.

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Terracotta Domino Set                                                                         $60  

Hand built ceramic terra cotta standard domino set in a vintage rice bag case.

Size: 28 dominoes

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Chain Vase.                                                $300

Hand built raw ceramic vase.

Size: 5x5 1/2 inches

MEAN MUGGIN                                                                                                          $40

I accidentally trapped a man in clay. Must sell immediately. Would be funny to have a plant in his head, but glaze is food safe so you could also fill with coffee or a tiny bowl of cereal. Wheel thrown speckled Ceramic base with a face hand sculpted by god. Just kidding it was me. Pieces are handmade small batch ceramics.

Size: 3 1/2 inch diameter 2 inch height

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HANDMADE CERAMIC DISH SET                                                  $80

Thin Hand built ceramic dishes in two different sizes. Made from a rich speckled stoneware clay glazed with a foodsafe amber/brown glaze. Beautiful dainty aesthetic.

Small: 5 inch diameter
Large: 8 1/2 inch diameter

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SAGE HEART TEACUP SET                      $60

Wheel thrown heart speckled tea cup with hand built plate.




WORRY STONE SMOKING PIPE.                                                                 $45  

Speckled ceramic smoking pipes fit perfectly in your palm. Discreet pieces of art.


Size: 3X2 inches

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