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 A 24 year old HBCU social work graduate and artist from a tiny island off the coast of Florida. With high hopes to reach people through art. After teaching art in Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua & Panama Gayle learned that it truly is the universal language.

Working as an art gallery registrar Gayle won the Jeff MacNelly political cartoon scholarship contest three years in a row. The Pulitzer Prize winning judges choosing Gayle's pieces allowed them to attend Florida A&M University where in 2021 they graduated as a first generation college student earning their Bachelors in Social Work.

In 2021 Gayle attended the Florida National Association of Social Work conference as a speaker along side Dr. Jaquelyn Mcmillan professor at Florida A&M University and J.C. Hall director of the Hip Hop Therapy program at Mott Haven Community High School to give a presentation on the benefits of an art based approach to social work.

Their studies continue to be a huge influence on Gayles work. Often their pieces pose questions regarding gender, politics and race and are a reflection of their social work lens from which they view the world. 

Gayle has recently opened a ceramic studio and Gallery in Key West: Bug Ceramics Pottery Studio & Gallery. Their pieces are made from ceramic stoneware and range from functional ware to sculptural works.

Gayle says: "Creating BugCeramics in 2020 has been one of my greatest ambitions. My hopes for what it will become are endless."

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