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As a social worker and artist, I am fascinated by the intersection of traditional crafts and contemporary art forms. My latest series, "Framed," explores this intersection through mixed media pieces that combine ceramics, crochet, high fire wire, and various embellishments including pearls, beads, and precious gemstones.

The central theme of "Framed" is the idea of gender and the societal constructs that define it. By using a traditionally feminine craft such as crochet and juxtaposing it with the rigid, structured medium of ceramics, I seek to challenge traditional notions of femininity and highlight the complexity and diversity of gender expression.

Each piece in the series features a ceramic frame, which serves as a metaphor for the societal constraints and expectations placed upon individuals based on their gender. The center of each piece, made of varying textiles represents the fluidity and adaptability of gender identity and expression.

The incorporation of pearls, beads, and precious gemstones adds another layer of meaning to the series. These materials are often associated with beauty and femininity, but I use them to subvert these associations and highlight the power and agency of women.

Through "Framed," I aim to start a conversation about the complexities of gender and the ways in which societal expectations can limit our individuality and self-expression. By combining traditional crafts with contemporary art forms, I hope to challenge and inspire viewers to question their own assumptions about gender and identity.


Piece Breakdowns


Heart In Frame

This mixed media piece, consists of a ceramic stoneware frame and a hand-sewn quilt plush heart, and on reflects an individual's connection to their home and traditions. The delicate yet deep ties we have to our past and the places we call home can be both beautiful and suffocating. Through this piece, I aim to explore the complexities of our relationships with the places and cultures that shape us.
The ceramic stoneware frame, with its fern leaf imprints and hand-glazed finish, represents the beauty and stability of our traditions and cultural norms. It serves as a reminder of the comfort and security we find in the familiar. The quilt plush heart, sewn into place with thread, symbolizes the individual's self, tethered to their home and traditions. 
However, this piece also speaks to the difficulties that arise when one feels trapped in a life already framed for them. The fear of tearing away those threads and stepping outside the safety of the familiar can be paralyzing. The heart is sewn into place, a reminder of the pain that may come with breaking away from tradition. It represents the weight of expectations and the fear of disappointing those we love.
In this way, my mixed media piece invites the viewer to consider their own relationship with home and tradition. It asks us to reflect on the delicate yet deep ties that bind us to our past, and the pain that can come with breaking away. Ultimately, my hope is that this piece inspires a deeper understanding of the complexities of our individual journeys and encourages us to find compassion for ourselves and others who struggle to reconcile tradition and progress.

Pearl & Bead Abacus


In this piece, I have created a frame that transcends its traditional purpose, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between feminism, the passage of time, and the ephemeral nature of innocence and girlhood. By integrating a unique textured dark magma glaze, I have crafted a rough, cratered surface that evokes a sense of raw energy and transformation.

At the heart of the piece lies an abstract abacus meticulously crafted from brass wire, pearls, and beads. This unconventional use of materials conveys a narrative that extends beyond the physicality of the artwork. The abacus, a symbol historically associated with counting and calculation, carries a deeper significance here. It becomes a vessel through which we can examine the multifaceted experiences and challenges faced by women throughout their lives.

As the viewer engages with the piece, the abacus subtly guides their gaze towards the act of counting. Symbolically, it represents the counting down of days—those precious moments of innocence and girlhood that eventually give way to the complexities and responsibilities of adulthood. The beads and pearls, each uniquely positioned, bear witness to the weight of time and the memories woven into the fabric of our identities. Through this interplay between texture, materials, and form, I aim to spark contemplation on the inherent value society places on femininity and the resilience required to navigate a world shaped by gender norms.

Moreover, the frame acts as a metaphorical boundary, serving as a visual representation of societal expectations and limitations imposed on women. However, the rough and dimensional surface disrupts these boundaries, challenging preconceived notions and encouraging viewers to question the status quo. By infusing the artwork with both tactile and visual contrasts, I aim to evoke a sense of tension between the fragile nature of innocence and the slipping of time within it.

In essence, this ceramic stoneware piece speaks to the duality of feminine existence, beautifully encapsulating the themes of feminism and the journey from innocence to experience. It invites viewers to reflect upon the intricate complexities of womanhood, encouraging dialogue and introspection. Through my work, I seek to foster a deeper understanding of the shifting narratives surrounding gender, illuminating the strength and resilience required to reclaim our voices and transcend societal expectations.


Crochet Frame


This mixed media ceramic stoneware piece explores the powerful connection between feminism, traditionally female-associated crafts, the undervaluation of these crafts, and the profound influence of our ancestors. Through the intertwining of a crocheted patch within a ceramic frame, I aim to challenge societal perceptions of femininity, celebrate the legacy of ancestral wisdom, and elevate the intrinsic value of traditionally marginalized crafts.

The juxtaposition of the delicate, intricate crochet and the sturdy, timeless ceramic frame serves as a visual representation of the complex interplay between strength and fragility inherent in both womanhood and the crafts historically associated with it. By seamlessly blending these mediums, I aim to question the traditional hierarchy of artistic mediums and bring attention to the undervalued art forms that have been historically dismissed as mere "crafts."

The crocheted patch, carefully handcrafted using techniques passed down through generations, symbolizes the collective knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. Through the repetition of intricate stitches, they have woven their stories and experiences into the fabric of our existence. This patch, once relegated to the realm of domesticity and considered a lesser art form, is now elevated within the ceramic frame, demanding recognition for its inherent beauty and cultural significance.

Embedded within the piece is a celebration of feminism—an acknowledgment of the struggles, achievements, and resilience of women throughout history. By highlighting traditionally female-associated crafts, I aim to challenge societal biases that have marginalized these crafts and perpetuated the undervaluation of women's contributions to art and culture. Through this juxtaposition, I invite viewers to reassess their perceptions and recognize the profound impact that these often overlooked forms of creative expression have had on our collective heritage.


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